Turkey Delight!

Man alive, do I love the holidays!


There’s something about this time of year that makes a cat’s heart beat a little faster; his whiskers perk up a little fluffier, and his meow just a little more shrill.


No, I’m not talking about opportunities to climb the Christmas tree or dancing to carols with my family. I’m talking about turkey.


Oh, heavenly, delightful turkey. When I catch a whiff of it, I know my day is going to be good.


Oh! This is heavenly!


I wish they’d roast up a big juicy bird more often, but unfortunately the only times that I get to enjoy a turkey feast is on Christmas and Thanksgiving.


So you thought that cats didn’t have any comprehension of holidays?


Think again.


Every year I get a big, bloody turkey neck all for myself. I get to sink my teeth into that delicious flesh, devour it, and then run in a Tryptophan frenzy to beg for more.



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