Watching the Snow Fly

I wish the snow outside would stick.

As I watched it swirl out of the sky, I reminisced to myself about my first experience with snow.

At first I didn’t like it. It was cold and messy on my paws and I kept trying to shake it off, but then I adjusted to it, and looked forward to romping in the snow.

Now that I am a housebound tabby, I have to watch the snowfall by looking out of my favorite window. I can’t complain though, as the snowflakes look like little bugs flying around – if you use your imagination.

The day was stormy and I could hear the wind howling all around the house.

When it stopped, the sun shone, and I got to lie in the warm sunbeams.

Life is good.


It’s getting colder and I love to lie on these cozy blankets.

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