What is Mutton Bustin?

Mutton Bustin, a new event at the Northwest Montana Fair is a sport I hadn’t heard of.

I don’t watch the National News with Katie Couric, but a Google search for Mutton Bustin resulted in an article in which I discovered that the news had broadcast a piece about this rodeo event almost a year ago.

E and I watched the 3 minute video of little kids being plopped on sheep, and then let loose into a rodeo arena holding on for dear life, while the sheep runs and throws its rider from its back. It’s much like bull riding or bronco busting.

The object is to stay on as long as you can and win a prize. The kids are young, (around six or so) weigh 60 lbs or less, and wear safety helmets and vests.

It seems that farm kids play like this all the time, and a Colorado business man thought it a good idea to market this sport to rodeos. There’s even talk of a $50,000 scholarship for the best Mutton Buster. That should create some enthusiasm, wouldn’t you say?

So I guess it’s like any other risk; if you don’t mind breaking your arm, getting stepped on by a sheep, and you want to grow up to be a rodeo star, give Mutton Bustin a try!

After all, most of us hit the road each day with other drivers who are talking or texting on cell phones. That’s pretty risky, I’d say!

You may want to check out this video showing a bunch of brave little Mutton Busters.