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10 Adventurous Mother’s Day Ideas to Get You Outside

Typically we think of Mother’s Day as breakfast in bed and dinner at a nice restaurant.  Moms love to escape the kitchen once in a while, and certainly do appreciate a meal away from home; especially one that she doesn’t have to cook!

Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be fun to surprise Mom by taking her “out”? Outside, as opposed to inside? Even if Mom is not an outdoorsy kind of gal, there are plenty of outdoor opportunities she is sure to appreciate.

Be spontaneous and think outside of the box! Get active and share a little adventure.  Observe nature, explore, and get some exercise. Feel rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit. Make memories and have an outdoors Mother’s Day!


Hiking at Bison Range


10 ideas for spending a memorable Mother’s Day outside

1. Ride a Bike.

Take a bike ride around the neighborhood or local park.

 2. Go swimming.

The weather is heating up.  A cool dip is refreshing and energizing.

3. Take a hike or a simple walk in the woods.

Share a few minutes of silence, just listening.

4. Grab the binoculars and go bird-watching.

  Pack a lunch and enjoy the simple pleasure of watching birds.

5. Try some beach combing. 

Don’t just lie on the beach, go hunting for crabs, shells, and other interesting items.

6. Go fishing.

Fix Mom some fresh fish for dinner.

7. Take a boat ride.

 Rent paddle boats, or canoes.

8. Have a picnic.

Pack Mom’s favorite cookie.

9. Go berry picking.

Pick several cups and bake a homemade pie for Mom.

10. Barbecue away from home.

Use the grill at your favorite park. Take a walk and pick wildflowers.



We know that moms aren’t that difficult to please. They are happy to have you around, spending time doing just about anything. But if you do something out of the ordinary like flying a kite, it will be a very memorable Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!