Wessie and Winter

Other than at breakfast and dinner time, I’ve been a trifle aloof. It’s been so darn cold, I have not wanted to leave the cozy warmth of my critter cottage. At this time of year, I prefer to take long naps snuggled in my blankets with my nose tucked under my paws.

When I am not napping, I entertain myself  by torturing mice that are looking for shelter from the cold. Honestly, they are so stupid and easy to catch. I almost feel guilty about pouncing on them, taking swipes, and clawing up their tiny bodies. But I am a tom and my natural instincts make me do it.

When I go outside for exercise, I have fun…like when I make snow rolls. Hold on a second. Don’t get the wrong impression.  Just because it is January and I mentioned exercise doesn’t mean I have made any New Year’s resolutions. Tabbys don’t do that, nor any Domestic Shorthair for that matter.  Also, I don’t think any of those fancy breeds like Siamese, Persians, Oriental Shorthair, Peterbald, Oregon Rex, Pixie Bob, Munchkin, Manx, Korat, Javanese, or Cymric would stoop to such lame methods of commitment as a means of boosting willpower. I like to think that we felines are more Zen than that.

As I was saying…when I go outside I like to frolic, but sometimes I only want to snoop around,



and scratch.



And shake my head til it spins like a top so I can look like a crazy cool cat. But it also makes me feel like I’m going to barf.



That’s when I head to my favorite stump,



where I can sit and wind down.



It’s the perfect spot for observation. Something always catches my eye.



But the dry wood feels so good on my bum, so I stay put.



When I’m ready, I turn my head and wait,


for the time to go back into my cozy critter cottage,



where I can wrap myself under a blanket and dream of spring.


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