Hiking Season Begins with Avalanche Lake!

Avalanche Gorge, Glacier National Park


Glacier National Park has many facets, one of them being the lush rainforest-like environment on the west side of the park. Easily accessed from the Going to the Sun Road, the Trail of the Cedars boasts huge red cedar, hemlock, and cottonwood trees. Spongy moss and cold clear water cascades over colorful boulders enticing visitors to explore their natural surroundings.


Temperature in the 60s. Humidity in the teens and not a cloud in the sky. What a perfect day for the first hike of the season! – David

Nine hiking seasons have found us on the trail to Avalanche Lake and each time the conditions and scenery around the lake have been different.

Compared to 2012, wildlife was elusive and the trail was dry. Massive downed trees littered the landscape in some areas, most likely due to wet spring conditions which caused them to fall. The last leg of the hike was snow-covered as expected, but due to warmer than usual May temps, the shoreline of the lake was not. The cirque was spectacular, but the color of the lake wasn’t as crystal green as last year; probably because in 2012 we had taken the hike later in the season after particles from snow melt had time to settle. M & E took it easy and didn’t break any records, but we all made good time even though we stopped to take pictures along the way.

Please visit our facebook page to see all of the great shots from this year’s hiking adventure to Avalanche Lake. And while you’re there, you may want to search our album archives for more hikes in Glacier National Park.


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