Remembering Chicky



A gentle rain was falling as I sat in a fragrant huckleberry patch picking from the mother lode of bushes. It was peaceful and quiet on Big Mountain and I passed the time as I always do picturing bear lips nibbling away at the berries and wondering what happens if humans pick too many. It’s a silly notion. Mother Nature provides and there are more than enough huckleberries to go around.


Marlene and the girls looking for a spot to pick huckleberries on Big Mountain.


David and Eileen climbed higher up in search of berries, while Mallory filled a Ziploc bag at a point in between.


Eileen climbs higher in search of berries.


When all was said and done, we took home more than three-quarters of a gallon of berries. That‘s a decent amount and a good value bearing in mind that huckleberries are selling for 48.00 dollars a gallon.


A day or two later while freezing some berries, I thought of Chicky. She was the favorite of our Y2K chickens and had been released in an area where blackberries were plentiful as we thought them a good source of food for the chickens.


The following is taken from Grandpa Davey’s article – TEOTWAWKI


“After the crisis passed (Y2K), we released our chickens deep into the woods. After two weeks, we returned to check on them. As in fowl feast, they didn’t fare well. All that remained were a couple dozen piles of feathers. All seemed bad until we heard clucking in the forest. Emerging from the underbrush was the lone survivor of this holocaust. She followed us closely for safety. Under the circumstances we could do no less than to bring her home. Chicky provided us with eggs for three years until one morning she disappeared.”


Needless to say, Chicky became a part of the family. Not long after her disappearance, I thought I heard her clucking in a grassy area between two redwood fences in our backyard. I searched for her but she was not to be found.


For more on The End of the World as We Know It and how David, the always prepared boy scout, has prepared for various crises click here to read his full article titled TEOTWAWKI.

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