A Battle With the Monster That Lurks Beneath the Stairs

A monster lives in the darkness of the basement. It lurks in the shadows beneath the stairs for months until it decides to clunk loudly up the steps. Once upstairs, it sits for a moment and then begins to wail piercingly and to chase innocent cats. Once it even tried to devour me.

The monster appeared in my home yesterday afternoon. I’d found a suitable hiding place in my mother’s bedroom, where I was sure that the monster could never find me.  For a few minutes, I felt safe from harm. The monster’s screams were distant and muffled. In a few moments it would hopefully disappear into its cave and bother me no longer.

Instead, the monster’s howls came closer and closer.  The door swung open.

In came the monster, shrieking louder than ever before and flourishing its big gray arm. I crawled to the corner of the bed and hissed. The monster wiggled its arm, ready for battle.  Eyes slanted and ears pulled back, I prepared to fight my assailant.

I had no warning for what happened next.

Apparently, the monster’s arm also functioned as a mouth. It extended its arm and began to….eat me. My fur was sucked into the monster’s body.

“MEOWWW!!!!!!” I yowled and attacked the monster. It continued to screech and suck on me. My claws futilely scratched at the creature, but it was completely unharmed. Madly, I waved my arms at the monster whilst hissing and screaming at the top of my lungs.

My paw suddenly knocked something loose from the creature’s arm. Frozen with shock, I saw that I’d knocked off the creature’s hand-mouth.  Would it be angry and devour me completely? The monster was still quite alive and capable of murder.

A few moments passed and then the monster became silent. Its arm lay next to me, motionless and limp.  Cautiously, I inspected the monster. It was dead.

And that’s how I defeated the Evil Vacuum Monster.




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