What, Deer?

Neighborhood Deer


Learning of an Idaho woman’s attack by a mule deer reminded me of a startling experience I had on a recent evening stroll.

It was after sundown, and dark.

Instead of talking about our kids or the social order, we were silent.

Block after block we walked.

About half way through our route as we stepped over the curb onto the sidewalk, a white Suburban pulled up to a stop sign.

I began daydreaming – daydreaming of a drive by shooting. Thinking of how someone could take us out – just like that – in the dark – in the blink of an eye.

“Huh,” you’re saying?

Don’t ask me what got into me. We don’t hear of drive-by’s in Kalispell; must be a leftover image of my big city life.

Anyways, I was occupying myself with my vivid imagination, when David grabbed my shoulder and said, “Look.”

His voice and grasp startled me out of my daydream. I wasn’t sure what what was going on or what to expect as I looked to the side. In the shadows, I saw a dark figure dart across a well manicured lawn about 10 feet away from us.

I was taken aback for a moment. It was a great big deer!




Lots of wild critters are known to roam the streets of Kalispell. Everything from skunks and bears, to turkeys and moose. Even the elusive wolverine has made its presence known to David when he saw it slink over a bridge railing at dusk one evening.

But, it’s the deer that are commonplace. Especially at harvest time!


Doe with pear in her mouth



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