Look No Farther Than Your Own Backyard


David and I took a leisurely drive into the heart of the Flathead Valley.


Fairview Road


Farms and ranches dotted the landscape, under a turbulent sky.


Irrigation equipment spans a harvested wheat field.


Curious horses in fuzzy winter coats graciously posed for pictures,


Beautiful coloration


before we stopped at Fairview Cemetery, where it was incredibly cold.


Fairview Cemetery


A field of diverse angels was revealed. A  girlish one prayed to the heavens.


Praying hands angel.


A sleeping cherubim pitted by time, lay peacefully.


Pitted by the passing of time.


A trumpeting Gabriel shone in the light.


Pretty little angel


While yet another symbolized the renewal of life.


The sparrow, the renewal of life.


Observe carefully when wandering about a cemetery. You will find life,


Orange lichen peppers a gravestone.


and  tokens from the dead.


I believe the deceased must have enjoyed gardening


On the road again, we spotted wildlife.  We stopped and began hunting with our cameras.

David moves closer to the herd.


A herd of  30 magnificent elk grazed in a grassy field.

A herd of migrating elk.


We snapped shot after shot until they ran into the woods.


David crouches low to take pictures.


It was a day of unexpected treasures discovered in our own backyard.




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