6 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever – A type of hysteria where a person or group of persons spends too much time indoors.

Does this sound like you? I know it sounds like the circumstances around this household.

It’s almost February, undoubtedly the dreariest, ugliest month of the entire year.

This is the time when you’re stuck inside of the house with nothing better to do than zip a jacket up to your chin, turn on the heater, and look up photos of summer scenes on the internet.

This time is so dull and depressing that it’s likely you’ll need a little something to pick you out of the winter doldrums- so brew up another pot of coffee and settle in for 6 ways to Beat Cabin Fever.

1.   Jump into an icy ocean.

What’s the use of ice skating when you can rip off your shirt (leave on your skates) and dive through the ice into the frigid seawater? This guy has the right idea. (Check out our video of the Polar Plunge in Woods Bay – https://www.facebook.com/the-RMKK-people-154411847935163/videos)


2.   Go frosting!

Frosting is the hottest new trend in Montana- and certainly a million times more humorous than paltry memes like Planking or Owling. The basis is to take a photo of yourself or a friend partaking in a warm-weather activity out in the cold. An avid swimmer? Don your favorite bathing suit, head to the frozen lake, pose, and snap a priceless shot. Just don’t forget to bring warm blankets.


3.   Carve Spam.

Pop open a can of this pink substance and carve away. It’s a whole new art form!


4.   Wintertime slip n’slide.

Run down the icy sidewalk and then drop and SLIDE! Be cautious not to let your head hit the ice!


5.   “Ricola!!!!!!”

Yodel on a chairlift. Riding the chairlift while yodeling at the top of your lungs is a great way to appease your need to scream- plus the looks from other ski-lift goers are priceless.


6.   Memorial Day in February –

Kind of like Christmas in July, except the reverse. Roast wieners on the fire pit outdoors while bundled in your winter garb, play badminton in the snow, and sip hot lemonade.


If none of this helps, watch The Shining. Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of the maniacal husband and father will definitely make you feel better.


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  1. LOL I love The Shining that has to be the best scary movie. Well I can say when we did live in cold places I did 4 and 6. They were great fun.

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