Feeling Lucky to be Inside

You know that cat that I met months and months ago- the cute, furry black and white one who I feared had stolen the affections of my family?




Well, I have a few things to say about her. Winter has finally set foot in this neck of the woods, bringing with it blowing wet snow and frigid temperatures. Even I wouldn’t dare step out there in such weather.


It’s nice to look out at the white landscape and all, but I’ve been getting concerned about Kitty, as my family calls her. She’s a stray, clearly- and while I at times envy that life, I realize that the poor cat is living a hard life outside. Trudging through the snow, battling against artic winds just to make her way to the dish of dry cat food left out for her, huddling next to the garage for warmth. It’s a hard life.


Last week the temperatures dropped down into the single digits and Kitty was forced to stay inside our bathroom for the night. She meowed and meowed for such a long time, but then the house became dark, the humans went to sleep, and all went silent. Kitty had realized the joys of warmth.


Next morning, she wanted to go back outside and the humans let her go as she wished. I hope she finds a good spot to hunker down.


I’m feeling kind of lucky right now to be inside where it’s warm. I don’t even mind settling for looking out the door.

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