On the Cover of the Flathead Beacon

It’s time again for the wild and raucous event of bar stool racing in Martin City!

We went last year and enjoyed watching all of the foolishness. It was a blast, even though Mallory was run over by a canoe full of fur traders and a big hairy Bigfoot.  Actually, that episode – since no one was hurt – added to the fun.

Today, my daughters are on the cover of the Flathead Beacon. Their faces are teeny, tiny and you may need a magnifying glass to spot them in a photo that was taken at last year’s Cabin Fever Days festivities.

But I didn’t notice the paper until after Mallory and I returned from a photo expedition.

After an overnight snowfall, I had the notion that I would capture some winter scenes and started out early to do so. I wanted a shot of a barn and envisioned it would look like a post card. But the sky was milky white and it did not look like a post card scene. The roof of the barn blended in too much with the sky, and heck, it didn’t even look as though it had snowed.




Mallory suggested we get back to the center of town where the deciduous tree branches were full of snow.  I took the long way back and I’m glad we did, because Mallory spotted this bald eagle.


Mr. Majestic


I pulled over to the side of the road and was surprised that I was able to get a shot with a lovely muted  sky.

After shooting several bald eagle pics, it was back to town and to Woodland Park.

I set my camera settings to B&W. I think monochrome better conveys the gray days of winter if you don’t have a blue sky, which I didn’t.


Fresh snow on the bridge at the city park.


After a morning of picture taking, I finally looked at the paper and there they were; right there on the left next to the smiling lady with her head leaning forward.


Mallory and Eileen at last year's Cabin Fever Days.


Check out last year’s articles on Cabin Fever Days and bar stool races. You’ll be glad you did.


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