Memories of Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day should not be about flowers, candy, or teddy bears. It should be about spending time with those we love and appreciating them for who they are – not just on February 14th, but every day of the year.


Whether you’re spending a quiet evening alone with a box of chocolates and your cat or if you’re surrounded by rambunctious young adults, chances are you will look back and realize just how precious your day was.


Happy Valentine’s Day


I remember a Valentine’s Day spent with my children, 15 years ago. It started out mundane, and at the time I also thought had ended that way. But looking back, it is one of my favorites.


David and I have never made a big deal out of the holiday, and he was still at the shop on Valentine’s evening of 1997. I didn’t expect him home until later that night. The kids were grown, except for Mallory who was 2 months old. They were all hanging around the house with me while I was cooking dinner.


Nothing extraordinary happened, or so I thought, until I watched the video that my youngest son had taken of that night. While slinking around the house with the camera, he captured all of us going about our business. My oldest daughter changed her baby sister’s diaper, took care of her, and also teased her. I multi-tasked from kitchen to office, preparing to print out work reports for my oldest son while he talked to the camera.


Finally, the kids and I congregate in the office, and someone plays In A Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly.  We pump up the volume and one of my sons flicks the light switch on and off to create a strobe-light affect in the room. My daughter lets her hair down so to speak – hippie chick style – all the while holding her infant sister in her lap. For a moment, a curly-haired director is glimpsed in the mirror, maneuvering artistically about the room.


It was priceless! At least for me. It was a Valentine’s Day to remember and there were no obligatory presents or Hallmark cards exchanged.


May you find joy in all of life’s simple pleasures and enjoy whatever Valentine’s Day delivers!


If you are missing a loved one today, or are feeling sad, lonely, or otherwise down in the dumps, you may want to try laughing yoga to lift your spirits. Mallory and Eileen turned me on to this one and it’s good for a {{chuckle}}. After all, “laughter is the best medicine”.





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