Another Outdoorsy Mother’s Day

On May 8, 2010, I published a blog post titled “10 Ideas for an Outdoorsy Mother’s Day”. The post received some feedback, but the Squidoo Lens I made on the topic has done pitifully – at least in the internet traffic department.


I was hoping to inspire moms to get active and do something other than going out to eat for Mother’s Day. Women are always complaining about the size of their hips and how guilty they feel for eating. I thought if they got moving they could relinquish their guilt, stay fit, and also look and feel better.


After a delightfully slow-moving morning of snoozing in bed while my teen daughters prepared a brunch of scrambled eggs, lemony muffins, strawberries, and coffee, I stayed in my pajamas until 3:30 p.m. I was looking at slideshows of about 1600 digital photographs of the National Bison Range – that we had taken the day before on our annual trip to Moise.

When I was done looking at the photographs, I took my own advice about having an “Outdoorsy Mother’s Day”. I put on my bike pants and the family and I went out for a bike ride to the park. Woodland Park was busy with families soaking up the sunshine.
We ran into the odiferous Bloombergs,



the Gosleys and their adorable gaggle of goslings,



the sweet Beesleys,



the always standoffish Tooters,



and the clannish Cat R. Pillars.


We also talked to a nice man that was walking his cat on a leash, just like Eileen likes to do with Wes.  He said he has been training his kitty, a little at a time, to get used to the leash.  She was a pretty calico and appeared to be enjoying her walk. I wish I had a picture of her to show you, but I don’t.

After that we rode home and had a delicious meal of pasta and meatballs,  zucchini parmesan, and vanilla ice cream for dessert.


Nutritious food + exercise = No guilt and a healthy body.



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