Why Doesn’t the Blessed Mother Like Whistling?

It’s hard to believe, but we made it through track season without bone chilling wind, rain, or wearing a blanket. Instead of selling coffee, cocoa, and chili, the concession stand sold sodas, popcorn, and candy.


Kalispell must have done something right because Mother Nature blessed us with sunshine and blue skies. It was atypical for this time of year as it is usually miserably cold and rainy.


It’s been a year since Eileen sprained her knee jumping hurdles, but she has fully recovered and competed in relays,


Kalispell Highlanders Track Meet

How do you like my cool effect of the blurred chain link fence in the foreground?


high jumps,


Kick those legs up higher.


and triple jumps in this years track meets.


Triple Jump - sort of like long jump with a few hops in between.


In case you don’t know what a triple jump is, don’t fret, I only learned about this event a couple of nights ago when Eileen taught me the technique. It’s a kind of hop, skip, and a jump – which reminds me of this memory of my grandmother.


At a young age, I became adept at skipping and snapping my fingers. I am not half bad at whistling either, although my granny often told me to stop whistling because I was making the Blessed Mother cry. This always puzzled me because she frequently whistled and sang when she dug in her flower garden. It was such a contradiction to her preaching, but I obeyed her anyway. And to this day, I cannot figure out why the Blessed Mother doesn’t like whistling.


As for the triple jump, I paid attention as Eileen demonstrated on the sidewalk in front of our house. When it was my turn, I gave it a go. She said I did pretty well. I may have caught on fast, but I must admit that I hate track sports. Running and jumping is not my thing. I will stick to hiking, biking, and yoga, if you don’t mind.


And if you are curious about the benefits of play, because that’s what all of this sports stuff is, you may want to click the link and read my article about it.


Now here is a picture of Eileen and a man on the field at the track meet. (Not my husband. This guy has no beard.)  It depicts our family’s body language quite well.



No need to expound on that, other than to say I have to remind myself to uncross my arms when speaking to people.


Lastly, I do encourage you to read  Mallory and Eileen’s – Track and the Threshing Bee. They have a really cool perspective on things.


And please leave me a note if you know why the Blessed Mother doesn’t like whistling.





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