A Couple of Kidders: David and I Celebrate 39 Years of Marriage


Years ago when David and I were in our early twenties, we received an anniversary card from my mother in-law inscribed with these words, “Happy Anniversary to a Couple of Kidders”. With three little ones at the time, and plans for only one more, I had no clue that I would still be raising a couple of kids on my 39th wedding anniversary.


If you’re trying to do the math, don’t jump to conclusions. My husband and I don’t have 20 children or a number even close. We have only 5. There is a big gap between the 3 oldest children and the 2 that we collectively call the “girls”. Nineteen years to be exact.


And while many of our peers have been experiencing the empty nest, we have been homeshooling, attending 4H meetings, drying tears, breaking up squabbles, and reveling in the girls’ accomplishments.


As is typical for a “couple of kidders”, we spent our 39th wedding anniversary at a 4H muzzleloading rendezvous with our daughters that included a day of shooting black powder guns and throwing hawks.


Eileen and Mallory


David and I showed off our abilities and also honed our skills. There was little competition in the parent division (David and I were the only 4H parent competitors), and I was the winner. I could hardly wipe the grin off of my face.  I felt like Annie Oakley!



Click here to see where I feel Sarah Conner-ish.


When the dinner bell rang, our chairs were set out on the dirt and we ate a potluck supper of home cooking with a crowd of mountain men and women. I had a delicious piece of chocolate cake with cream cheese icing for dessert.



After dinner, ladies games rounded out the evening. Ladies threw frying pans and rolling pins for a prize, while gents laughed on the sidelines about who’s wife demonstrated the best throwing skills. It was thought that the ones with the best arms must have had practice in the domestic arena.


David! Duck!


Later that night after chatting around the club campfire, David and I retired to our tent under the stars where I spent a nearly sleepless night trying to get comfortable and stay warm.



I suppose you could say it would have been nice to have a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant. And yes, that would have been nice. But this suited us just fine. It was a Happy Anniversary  for a “couple of kidders”.


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  1. Sounds like a perfect way to spend an anniversary. Congrats on the 39 years. I still think your lying to me you don’t look old enough 😉

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