If I Were a Victorian Cat…

I want to be a Victorian Cat.


The life of a modern cat is a dull one. Have you seen the videos of cats playing with iPads? That’s probably the only good thing about being a 21st century feline, and my backwards family doesn’t even own an iPad.


But really, to live in the Victorian era would be truly blissful. I’d be the cat of the manor; strolling around the grounds and slipping beneath the croquet wickets, hiding in the petticoats of my master, and perhaps even wearing a waistcoat- provided that my “mother” tailored just for me.


Well, maybe I wouldn’t wear a waistcoat.


Wes in the library of the Conrad Mansion


What brings this about is that I recently heard about Sweetie Pie. Sweetie Pie (or Alicia) happens to be the Conrad Cat. She lives at the old Victorian-era mansion several blocks away from me and all day long, she gets to explore the 26 rooms and nap on the 5 antique original bedsets. She doesn’t think twice about getting her fur on the artifacts. But, I get my paw smacked for laying on their Shop Ko blankies!




I’ve been thinking that Sweetie Pie must be a time traveler, since there is no other rational explanation for her nonchalant attitude towards touching historical pieces.


So, I kind of have a plan.


If she can go forwards, I can go backwards, right?


Wish me luck- and I hope not to get stuck in the TIME TUNNEL!



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