Today I’m Having a Pity Party

Recently, I was able to escape out of the back door and romp about the yard for a few minutes. It was purrfect before I was captured and returned to my indoor prison.

Lately, I’ve been feeling jealous of all of the other felines that get to play outside. I am stuck indoors because of the threat of the creepy neighbor who shot me in the hip with his pellet gun. But I’m sure I’ve told you that story before.

I spend most of my days sleeping, which can be a drag. I play with my toys occasionally, but it doesn’t take the place of hunting and exploring outside. I must admit that I get a little bummed when I hear about the adventures of outdoor cats.

Take this story for example. Yesterday, my adopted mommies took a walk and met this kitty. They call her the cute kitten.  Cute Kitten walked down the steps from her house to greet them and laid down on the sidewalk.


Cute Kitten


She then closed her eyes and relaxed on the cool sidewalk next to lush green grass.


Cute kitty relaxes


Then, from the looks of this expression, Cute Kitten saw a bird in a tree,


Looking skyward


and relaxed some more.



Obviously, she saw something interesting down the street.



And all the while Cute Kitten was hamming it up for the camera, I was back at home stuck in the house.



Well for what it’s worth, I have a bunch of blankies to lay on and it’s nice and cozy too.

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