Mewving Daze

First of all, the living room transformed.


My owners are pack rats


I made the best out of this unusual situation and decided to sit atop a prime box that had been topped with a soft blue blanket. From here I could survey the strange activities of the household humans.


Surveying the room


Alas, my humans lugged away much of my home.


Things began to get very unusual when they began to feed me crunchy food rather than my scrumptious pate.


What’s going on?


On Friday the situation became even worse. Loud noises emanated from the basement while gradually, the entire house was slid, lifted, and pushed away. I sat in a lonesome basket positioned in the closet until it, too, was mournfully removed from beneath my bum.




An entire night was spent alone in this echo-filled and now almost ghostly house. Late the next day, my human “family” returned and carried me in my Pet Taxi all the way out to the Suburban, where I was placed upon the seat for a long ride through the darkness. I suppose that this was closure of sorts; before I had no idea what was happening to my beloved home and now at least things were really changing. I think that I understood by that point that I’d never return to that place. Comforted by the soft rug in my carrier, I looked at the passing lights of the city with intrigue and wondered about the future.





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