Gazing Out of Windows

Gazing out of windows can be purrty fun and help pass the time if you get bored. You never know what you will see and if you pay close attention you will surely see something interesting; the seasons change right before your slanty eyes, the wind howls and trees sway, and snow flies in swirly patterns and falls down to the earth. You can human watch and also watch furry forest fauna too. (Did you get tongue-tied trying to read that? No worries. It’s just my feline sense of humor. )


Take for instance the other morning. I was sitting in the window waiting for my breakfast when a couple of whitetail deer came by. I was rather surprised to see them and was hoping for a conversation. No such luck, though. They were rather uppity, which I thought unusual for deer, and the two only stayed for a minute or so. Perhaps I shouldn’t be so judgmental about them, with it being deer season and all. They probably didn’t want to stand in one place for very long, if you know what I mean.


My breakfast was late that morning as it has been ever since the days started getting shorter. What the shorter days have to do with serving my pate, I haven’t the furriest notion, but I do know that I have to wait longer to get a meal.


But like I said, looking out of the window can be fun. And although I prefer romping in the woods (even on a snowy day), when that isn’t possible, a window seat to the world is the next best thing.


There I am. The orange thing in the window.


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