Tips for Successful Wood Splitting

Since moving to a home that is heated by wood, I’ve had to greatly improve my wood splitting technique. (I had no technique, now I have a little. I’m no expert, but these methods have worked for me.)



Tips for successful wood splitting:


-Look for a log that has a natural split in it. Aim for this natural split when possible. You should also avoid logs that have knots, as they are hard to split, and can be dangerous if your maul bounces back and hits you.


-Place the log near the back of your base log. If the splitting maul misses the log you’re trying to split, it will go into your base log, not your leg.


-Start with your dominant hand near the top of the handle, with your other hand near the end. Slide your hand down as you raise the maul over your head.


-Use force! Even though we’re trying to use the velocity of the maul’s fall to split the wood, you still need to put at least a little strength into your swing.


-Some wood is just too big to split with a regular splitting maul, so it may be time to invest in a wood grenade, which is a bit like a very snazzy wedge.


-Enjoy the satisfaction you get when your nice, warm fire lights quickly due to the split wood.


-(And above all, safety comes first! Wear eye protection whenever you split wood, and avoid any dangerous practices.)

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