How to Untangle a Chain Saw Chain – the art of manliness for women

Untangling a chain saw chain can be challenging and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing.

After bucking wood to create woodpile envy, the saw chain was dull and needed to be changed. It was my daughters’ and my first time ever having to do that. The dis-assembly went smoothly until it became time to put on the new chain.

I took the chain out of the bag, then:

  • Read the instructions and began to lay out the chain as the booklet instructed. The owner’s guide said to untangle the chain if need be. But how? I turned it this-a-way and flipped it that-a-way, but nothing I did was successful. Finally, I laid the chain on the floor of the garage and began to stare at it hoping to figure it out.
  • I didn’t. However, I decided not to fret over it and went inside the house to Google “how to untangle a chainsaw chain”. Ace Hardware’s video was the first response.
  •  In 17 seconds the video showed me how to accomplish the task. It made the whole process of untangling a chainsaw chain look very simple.
  • I went back to the garage, picked up the chain, held it as demonstrated in the video, and flipped it over. Voila. Simple as pie!
  • My daughter put the chain on the blade and reassembled the saw.

Success! Task accomplished! Below is the video that saved me from total humiliation.



Later that afternoon I began to think of the movie Cold Mountain with Nicole Kidman.

Her helpless female character couldn’t do much more than play the piano as she waited for her lover to return from the Civil War.

She was weak and powerless until a strong and spirited woman came along and taught her a few things.

Kidman’s character would have gone hungry had she not been taught how to wring a chicken’s neck and clean it for dinner.

I do not want my girls to be helpless little women.

I want them to be strong, independent and know how to take care of themselves.

Not only should they be accomplished in the womanly arts, like cooking, canning, and sewing.

They should know how to use tools, change tires, collect firewood, shoot guns, etc. I want them to be competent human beings.


Sewing Machine

Trying out the new sewing machine.


Learning these skills can be considered the art of manliness for women.

In addition to knowing how to knit a warm winter scarf (or hat), these skills benefit you live on the edge of the wilderness in Montana.


Dr. Who knitted hat

Dr. Who knitted hat


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