Montana’s Great BIG Pumpkin and the Exorbitant Price for Seeds


Grocery Store Pumpkins


Some people take their “great” pumpkin growing efforts quite seriously; so seriously they are willing to pay a colossal price for seeds. Unless you are a pumpkin farmer or a hobbyist out to grow a super-sized pumpkin, you probably don’t have a clue what the seeds cost to grow these orange beauties.

I know I didn’t, until I read about a man in Polson who grew Montana’s biggest pumpkin. His gigantic pumpkin smashed the previous state record by a whopping 111 pounds. His is not the most gargantuan pumpkin ever grown however, as the world champion pumpkin, which was grown in Wisconsin, weighed in at a massive 1,810 and ½ lbs. The winning seed from this mammoth was selling for an enormous sum – up to $2,600 for one seed.

Yep, one seed! If I had planted one of those seeds in my garden this summer, I would be in a pumpkin pickle – surmising the results were similar to the rest of my veggie crop (it stunk!)

The average price for most giant pumpkin seeds cost anywhere from 5 to 15 dollars per seed, although it‘s not unheard of to pay hundreds of dollars for a winning seed.

I am contemplating growing pumpkin next year, but not of the giant variety. Let’s hope I’d educate myself before trying to grow a monster and shell out a small fortune for a seed.

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