A Reminder of Yi-Jien Hwa

by Marlene

Yesterday, I called the Glacier National History Association to find out if they had printed out E’s postcard. Finally, they had! She was a first place winner for the 2007 contest, “What Glacier Means to Me”. She used her prize last summer, a $25.00 gift certificate to their store. That’s where she got her wildflower identification book and her favorite pen among other things. At that time, (summer 2008), her postcard hadn’t been printed yet, so I knew to check again this summer.

Jammer Joe’s Restaurant

It was a beautiful day, almost fall like, and we took a family outing to West Glacier to get her postcard. Actually, I took a bunch of them to send to relatives. Everyone was hungry, so we ate pizza at JammerJoe’s and then took a ride to Logan Pass. We saw five black bears (two of them cinnamon colored) along the road, one of them being a sow with three cute cubs. They climbed the slope next to the road and tossed rocks down at us as we took pictures.

Sow and Cubs

At Logan Pass, we saw a poster of YiJien Hwa, the hiker who went missing a year ago today, August 11. It asked everyone to stay alert for remains of a red jacket, Asolo hiking boots, hiking poles, and blue backpack. Investigators concluded that foodstuffs left in his car were evidence that he never left the Logan Pass area of Glacier National Park. This was a solemn reminder of his disappearance and the perils one might encounter in Glacier’s vast untamed wilderness. But it was a glorious summer day and Logan Pass was teeming with life. People strolled the boardwalks listening to chattering squirrels, observing mountain goats and feasting their eyes on magnificent alpine scenery. Here are some pictures from Logan Pass.

E captured this stunning pick wildflower.
E’s picture of a cute little ground squirrel
Sweeping Wildflower Meadow

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