Huck Days in Whitefish

Huckleberry Days with E

Huck Days in Whitefish

E picking hucks

While on a recent huckleberry picking outing at Big Mountain near Whitefish, a man came up the hill. He asked if he could take pictures of us for the local newspaper, The Whitefish Pilot.


It was huckleberry days, and he needed some pics of pickers. The photographer shot a lot of pictures and I hoped I wouldn’t make a creepy face. He asked our name and address, so that he could send us a newspaper if we got published. We waited and the newspaper never came.


Dad looked up the Whitefish Pilot on the Internet, and there I was, in the online slideshow! Would I be in the print paper?


Later, we went to Rosaurs grocery store to find out. After thumbing through the newspaper, we came across a huge picture of me, picking huckleberries! A simple outing turned into a real adventure.

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