Another Miserable Day in Yellowstone?

Steam rises from a cone in  Yellowstone National Park

Steam rises from a cone in Yellowstone National Park


As we approach Memorial Day weekend, it is not feeling much like summertime and I am reminded of a previous Memorial Day that my family and I spent in Yellowstone National Park.  We were greeted by a blizzard. We donned our snow bibs, while other tourists unprepared for winter, snatched up souvenir sweatshirts to keep warm.  Grungy as it was, the weather didn’t stop most visitors from enjoying Yellowstone’s erupting geysers and bubbling mud pots.  As the snow fell, fly fisherman were undaunted and continued to fish in the Yellowstone River.  It was a grand holiday and I’d love you to read all about our adventure by following this link to A Miserable Day in Yellowstone.

As of this writing, I’ve been apprised that some of Yellowstone’s hiking trails are snow covered and that many tourists from around the world are enjoying the parks many natural wonders.

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