The Wild Mile – Bigfork, Montana

Kayaker battles the rapids.

Bigfork was bustling last Sunday as people strolled up and down Electric Avenue for the annual Whitewater Festival. Along with dozens of other spectators, we were there for the down river race called the “Wild Mile”.

After hiking down the nature trail that parallels the Swan River, we spotted a muddy path that led us to the  shoreline of the river for an up close and personal vantage point.  Simply put, we were not alone. As if waiting for a parade, the audience had already picked out their favorite spots to watch the show.

David and I found a place on some rocks near the water while M and E sat atop a nearby cliff.

Whitewater roared past us as we waited for the kayakers to show us their stuff. The first contestants started paddling down river toward us. We watched as they maneuvered the rapids and wondered how they would conquer “the hole“, a swirling monster in the river.

  • The “Wild Mile” is Class V whitewater. Precise maneuvering is necessary due to the large waves, continuous rapids, large rocks, and hazards.  Not for the squeamish, it beckons individuals with advanced skill levels.

The kayakers paddled deftly through the dips and  holes, some of them showing off to hoots and hollers from the crowd. Two boats overturned but quickly righted themselves.

We rounded out the day with pizza and Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey. It was a great Memorial Day weekend and a fun-filled day in Bigfork.

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