Moose on the Loose

Aren’t these the cutest baby moose you’ve ever seen?

Baby moose in my daughter’s backyard.

You may disagree with me if you want to, but I don’t typically think that baby moose are the most appealing little critters – but these sweeties sure got my attention. Their faces are so adorable. Even David mentioned how cute they are. 

Just in case you are wondering – baby moose are called calves and their mommies are called cows. I know this doesn’t make a lot of sense considering moose are part of the deer family and not part of the bovine crowd. But, that’s the way it goes. 

I received these candid shots via email from my daughter in Alaska. She said these three had been hanging around her yard munching on tree limbs she and her family had cut down. 
Mama and baby moose as seen by my daughter and her family.



If you’ve never seen a full grown moose, they are pretty impressive in size. They don’t mess around and you had better stay out of their way, especially when calves are around. 

My daughter included this note with the pictures:  

“…a 65 year old woman was bent over trimming her rose bushes when a cow moose kicked her to the ground. Then it came back and stomped her in the chest. She managed to use her cell to call 911. The troopers arrived in minutes and the moose tried to charge them. She was with her twin calves. They shot the cow and saved the lady. She had broken ribs and a broken collarbone.” 

All of this talk reminded me of the bull moose that was causing a ruckus in the Northfork. It was in the winter of 2008 and there were repeated reports of a moose with aggressive behavior. He was reported as charging  skiers and snowmobiles. He kicked a person and even put a hole in the hood of a snowmobile with his hoof. Despite shouts and punches in the nose by people on the trail, the moose went undeterred. 

Finally officials went out and found him. They examined him from a distance with binoculars. The moose was found to be old and thin with vision problems. Because of his erratic behavior, he was considered dangerous.  It’s sad, but they had to put him down. 

It’s a joy and a privilege to observe all types of wildlife. But please remember that they are wild animals and give them the space they deserve. 

You don’t want to get any moose bites unless it’s from Chef Paul.

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