Bonanza and Weird Ben


The Cartwrights rode into Americans living rooms in 1959. Bonanza was a family western about a three timed widower raising three sons on his ranch, “The Ponderosa“, near Virginia City, Nevada.


It captured the hearts of viewers for fourteen years. It starred Lorne Greene as Ben Cartwright, the wise father, Pernell Roberts as the architect who built their house and always wore black, Dan Blocker, as Eric, the gentle giant better known as “Hoss“, and Michael Landon as Little Joe, the youngest and hot head of the bunch. Each episode captivated its audiences with realistic characters that usually found themselves having to demonstrate their loyalty by defending a family member.


With modern television having so much inappropriate programming for children, we introduced this wonderful old show to M & E when they were quite young. They also read a fictional book about “Bonanza” titled “The Bubble Gum Kid” which inspired them to write their own story titled “Weird Ben” at the tender ages of seven and six.



It’s a humorous look from a child’s perspective of what it might be like to visit the “Ponderosa” if they were left there while their parents vacationed in Hawaii. I’ll leave you with this video of the intro to the show, which reminds me of Marlboro Country.


And don’t forget to read M & E’s fictional story “Weird Ben”. It’s one of Grandpa Davey’s favorites!

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