Easy Homemade Frozen Passion Recipe – Spring Cleaning Does a Body Good

Creamy Ice, Frozen Passion

Summer begins June 20, but you’d hardly know it by the look of things with people walking around in jackets and knitted caps, and my daughter wrapped in a blanket complaining of how cold it is. However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy a delicious serving of Frozen Passion.   Spring cleaning is getting off […]

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An Old Photo of Grandpa Davey and Sweet Mom for Valentine’s Day and Decadent Chocolate Pancake Recipe

David and I were 17 and 16 when this photo was taken at Pontchartrain Beach in New Orleans. It is our favorite sweetheart picture, so I’m sharing it for Valentine’s Day.     I haven’t received any Valentine’s Day flowers, cards, or candies since then but I do have the gift of LOVE. If you […]

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