Creamy Ice, Frozen Passion

Easy Homemade Frozen Passion Recipe – Spring Cleaning Does a Body Good

Summer begins June 20, but you’d hardly know it by the look of things with people walking around in jackets and knitted caps, and my daughter wrapped in a blanket complaining of how cold it is. However, that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy a delicious serving of Frozen Passion.

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Spring cleaning is getting off to a slow start. Last Sunday, we started by taking the storms down and putting up the screens on the windows. The fresh air coming through the windows was heavenly and I liked the fact that we could finally air out the house after eight months of being locked up tight as a sardine can. Our home can get mighty rank with the smells of cooked cabbage, fish, broccoli, body odor, and cat litter. Sunday was a fine day and the windows stayed open for one whole afternoon before a late winter storm forced me to close them.


I’ve been wondering if people still give their houses a good spring cleaning as they used to when scouring baseboards, cleaning out cupboards, washing blinds, swapping out winter blankets for summer bedspreads, and so on, was an annual event. I do it every year and enlist my daughters’ assistance although sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get them to help. But, not this morning. My daughter got a wild hair up her butt, as her Aunt Linda would say (only she would say it with more colorful language), and began a major cleanup of her and her sister‘s bedroom.


She started pulling things out from under the beds, packing old stuff away in boxes, and vacuuming up a year’s worth of dust bunnies. She even mentioned what an amazing job a vacuum cleaner does. (Oh my! Where have I gone wrong? Has she only just learned about vacuums?)


As the day progressed, I watched my daughter as she went about her task. The room got messier and then got cleaner. She said she felt productive and I began to think of how fresh air and spring cleaning does a body good. It clears the mind, lifts the spirits, and helps promote a calmer constitution. Everyone should pick up a dust cloth, throw out some junk, and give away things they no longer need. Once you clean up and de-clutter a space, good energy begins to flow.


After all of that hard work, it will be time to reward yourself and the kids for a job well done with this summer favorite, “Creamy Ice” confection. As for us, we may be having hot chocolate.

Creamy Ice, Frozen Passion

Creamy Ice a.k.a. Frozen Passion


Frozen Passion Recipe


  • 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk
  • (1) 2 litter bottle of pop, your choice of flavor – cream soda, orange, or pineapple are delicious.


Pour the 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk and the soda pop into a freezer container. Freeze until firm, stirring occasionally during the freezing process.



In conclusion, I should note a little background to my acquiring this easy and tasty recipe. Enjoy!


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