What’s the Fuss About Kitty’s Kittens?

You may think I’m insensitive, but I don’t get all of the fuss about Kitty’s kittens. I was introduced to them today, and “OH!, the humiliation”. I had to sit in my pet taxi while the four frisky felines frolicked and played twinkle toes in the yard.



UGH! You can imagine how sad, disgusted, and jealous I felt as I watched them scamper around Scot-Free – while I was locked up in that cage!



And what’s with the females in this family? All of that ooing, cooing, and they’re so cute stuff makes me want to puke. They are always holding the pesky critters and going outside to play with them. They’ve even given them some of MY treats. Give me a break…it was all I could do to control myself.


I felt like a prisoner in my own home and finally said that I wanted to go inside, but not before I gave a growl and a hiss to those brats.




The day started looking up after I went inside.






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