Dreaming of Spring and Snowshoeing

When I looked out of the backdoor this morning, the blizzard was over. Left in its wake was fresh snow and arctic cold.  I longed for spring and began to think of Logan Pass.

Surely we will go up there as soon as the road is plowed and the pass accessible. It will probably be mid June. No doubt, Logan Pass will have snow and I will be wearing a fleece jacket. I thought of my cousin who never, ever wants to be somewhere she has to wear fleece in summer.

My thoughts then turned to a tweet from a New Orleanian. The weather in NOLA was feeling like May.  Northerners would be jealous she thought. Hmm, be in Montana and wear a fleece in summer or sweat like a pig in the south. For me, that one is a no-brainer. For 49 years, I had my share of heat and humidity in New Orleans. The fleece in summer wins hands down.

Grandpa Davey says that Montana knows the seasons better than a calendar. Today, I am indeed dreaming of spring and it will come on March 20th.

Last Sunday the skies were blissfully blue and it was too gorgeous to stay indoors. David, the girls, and I went snowshoeing.


Heron Park – too pretty to be inside


We took to the groomed trail at Heron Park packing our snowshoes in anticipation of deep snow.


People hike, ski, and ride horses on this trail


We all worked up a sweat by the time we reached the top of the hill.


Mallory near the top


Eventually we had to put on our snowshoes, and head on back.


My snowshoes


We went off trail which made it a LOT more fun than walking on the groomed trail. Of course, it’s always more fun going down, than up.


I’m the tiny person in the center of the picture


Now here’s a pic of M and E for comparison purposes to the photo in my October ’10 article titled M and E’s First Solo Hike, which will lead you to How Old Should They Be Before They Hike Alone?, which will then take you to one of our most popular articles named Tips for Nude Hiking.


M and E, 4 months after they hiked this trail without us.


By then you will be an old pro at “Let’s Play Follow the Links”. And if you have some time on your hands you can find out a lot of stuff you may or may not want to know about the Rocky Mountain Kids.

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Happy Trails!