Bar Stool Races in Martin City, The Video

Kalispell teen survives collision with out of control canoe, the driver, Bigfoot, may have been intoxicated.

Isn’t that a great headline? And doesn’t it pique your interest? Don’t you feel compelled to watch the  video below?

Let’s face it. My husband David is witty. Always has been. He comes up with the most wonderful one liners. I wish I would have written that grabber, but I didn’t. Most of the stuff that comes out of my mouth sounds like “What will my duties entail?”

That’s an inside family joke pertaining to the time I volunteered to help with our son’s baseball team casino night. Yes, casino night. Some high schools will do anything for money. One of the organizers called me to help with the fundraiser. I said “okay” and then asked the never to be lived down question, “What will my duties entail?”  After that, the woman said she’d get back to me and never did. This pretty much typifies the way I communicate with people and how they respond to me.

Anyhow, David wrote that wonderful grabber to capture our audiences’ attention to our new YouTube video. After Cabin Fever Days, M and E put together a short 2 minute vid to highlight all of the excitement of the Bar Stool Races in Martin City.

A break-down of the headline goes like this. Mallory wasn’t hurt in the crash. The canoe slid into the crowd. A guy dressed like Bigfoot was the driver. For all we know he could have been drunk.

Please watch the video and enjoy!



If you haven’t read the article, Cabin Fever Days, you may want to.


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