Grandpa Davey Reads Weird Ben

Listening to Grandpa Davey reading “Weird Ben” to the grandkids via Skype last night was such a hoot. Sitting in his chair in front of the webcam with a blanket wrapped around him, he raised his voice and told everybody to shut up and began reading M and E’s eight page story that they wrote when they were little.

I absolutely adore the way he reads it.  Talk about reading with expression!  He had me laughing out loud. “Weird Ben” is so nonsensical and he is the only one I know that can pull it off with such enthusiasim.  M and E split their sides with laughter while the grandkids listened quietly.  He’s been wanting to share this with them for a long time and I’m super glad he did.

When he was done, everyone applauded, we said good-night and I began making connections.  For today’s post I mean.  With the death of Pernell Roberts that day and the reading of Weird Ben, I figured I’d repost my article from last June about Bonanza. So click this link, “Bonanza” and “Weird Ben” for the article and don’t forget to watch the video of one of TV’s greatest theme songs.

Marlboro Country here I come! Oh yea, I’m already here.

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