The Baby is Turning 12!

Saturday will be E’s 12th birthday and because I intend to be enjoying an afternoon of ice skating with her on Woodland Pond, I’m posting these birthday greetings today.

E is the baby of our family of 5 kids. She shares this status with her older brother who is 32. Yes, we had a nineteen-year gap between kids and he is 20 years older than E. I can’t help it, I still consider him my baby, so I always say we have two babies in the family. But this is to celebrate E, not tell you about her big brother.

We moved to Montana from Metairie when E was barely 7. She didn’t mind moving of course, she just didn’t want a new bed. When we did ask her to help pick out a new mattress, she was very decisive and chose a Simmons Beauty Rest. Now in my opinion, it’s the most comfortable bed in the house. E still knows what she wants and has the determination to go after it. She is a self-starter with a willingness to learn and take on new assignments. She is also somewhat of a perfectionist as is evident in our Turtle Bread video where she must have things just right. This trait comes in pretty handy when I ask her to set up a web page or edit a video.

She’s been writing some really great stories and making videos with her sister for years, but one of the most impressive is when she captured video last summer of a bear charging us on a trail in Glacier National Park. What a thrill that was, I’m not sure I could have pulled it off.

She prefers boulder scrambling to hiking and loves camping near rocky outcroppings. She is a squirrel whisperer and enjoys taking macro shots of wildflowers. Over the years her doodles have turned into some fine pencil sketches of which she has earned recognition from the Glacier Natural History Association and Rural Montana magazine.

We are very proud of her many talents and gifts and wanted to share how special she is with you. Please follow the links to see some of the wonderful articles, photos, sketches, and video that she has contributed to this blog and website.

              Kuddos Kiddo! Happy 12th Birthday E!
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