Grizzlies on the Prowl! How to Identify Bears Video

The bears are out and about again and making the news! They have been roaming around the valley killing chickens on Foothill Road, and taking cover from border collies in a basement in Choteau.


While on a recent outing to the Sun Road, Grandpa Davey captured some great video of a black bear, which then crossed right in front of our vehicle. We’ve had several bear encounters: on trails, near the roadside, and in our neighborhood. It’s always exciting and a little scary.


But, we’re bear aware, make noise in grizzly country, and carry bear spray. It’s just part of the lifestyle and enjoying the great outdoors of Montana.


Please watch this short video my little girl, E,  made about the visual differences between grizzly bear and black bear.  You have to hand it to her, for a young’un, she explains this bear stuff pretty well.

Also, you may want to check out the related articles for more details about our bear encounters.


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