Happy 13th Birthday M!

Today is M’s 13th birthday! She is officially a teenager. As they say, “How time flies”! It seems like yesterday that we were backpacking her on trails and watching her peck out a story on the computer.

Hiking since she was a baby, she has seen some extraordinary scenery, first from the comfort of a backpack and then on foot. She’s completed many hikes including those in Big Bend, Grand Tetons, The Smoky Mountains, and of course the hiker’s paradise, Glacier National Park.

She once made the unforgettable statement of, “You know I don’t know how to climb mountains”. She was 4 at the time and making the descent down the South Kaibab Trail in the Grand Canyon. We had descended a considerable distance and looking back at the rim seemed insurmountable. She wondered how she was going to make it back to the top. She made it on her own 2 feet and the rest is history.

Rarely grumbling on trails, she has decreed that she would prefer to do a page of long division than go hiking.  But, she is strong and it is a challenge to keep up with her fast pace on trails.

M loves writing and has been creating stories with her sister, since age 3. Her quirky style and sense of humor have entertained family with a newsletter called Montana News, and her poetry has been published in a local magazine. For several years she has co-authored RMKK’s Adventure Stories with her sister. Her unique perspective shines in her column, titled M’s Musings, and she makes some clever videos too!

We are proud of her creative talent and her ability to share her personality and thoughts in her articles.  There’s so much more, so we hope you’ll check out the website and read some of her articles today!

Three Cheers for M! Happy 13th Birthday!
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