The Sounds of Silence

A blanket of snow and frigid temperatures have enveloped Kalispell and the Flathead Valley making driving conditions hazardous. Considering this, residents were heralded in the news the other day for excellent winter driving skills, as we have seen no major accidents due to weather (although I have seen a lot of fishtailing going on of late).

Many of us have had our studded tires on since October just waiting for the first major winter storm. Although we had a surprise 6 inches of snow October 9, it wasn’t until last week that we were convinced that Old Man Winter was here to stay for awhile.

A flurry of winter activities is now in full swing.

  • Anglers have taken to frozen lakes to do some ice fishing,
  • Ski resorts are busy
  •  Woodland ice pond is open for ice-skating.
  • Snow packed hills are scattered with kids of all ages whooshing down hills amidst the sounds of nervous laughter and screams.

Also with the snow, come the sounds of silence. It wraps my neighborhood in a pure white blanket creating a tranquility to be treasured.

Today’s photo contributions – by E

The Lampost
The Iron Bench

Do you have a cherished snow memory?  I’d love to hear about it!


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