Happy April Fools’ Day

It’s April Fools Day and I was brainstorming ideas for this blog. I had thought about describing how the bears have started coming out of their dens, are hungry and in search of food. I was going to tell you that Grandpa Davey and I had experienced a terrifying bear encounter on our walk around the neighborhood last night. That seemed a bit trite though, as I had done a previous April Fools’ joke about bears. Then it came to me, I would tell you a true story about roaches. But first, let me tell you how I arrived at this idea.

Yesterday, we woke up to a winter wonderland. M and E groaned a little bit about it. They have been enjoying the spring weather and playing tennis with friends. Snow just didn’t fit their picture of spring break. It didn’t stick around for long and by afternoon it was gone. I played a little joke on them this morning by asking if they had looked out of the window to see another snowfall. They fell for it and gave me the “how silly can you get look”. This afternoon, they were sitting at the table snacking. I looked down at their bare feet and said, “Watch out! There’s a roach crawling by your feet!” They fell for my April Fools’ joke number two and jumped up out of their seats.


a spring snow


This just goes to show you the power of cockroaches. We have not ever seen a roach in Montana as long as we have lived here. This little tidbit of roach information I’m sharing with you is quite interesting to me as we come from a very hot and humid climate where roaches thrive. They were everywhere and you couldn’t leave a cupcake out on the counter overnight without fear of it being consumed. Perhaps I shouldn’t confess this, because you may get the impression that I’m a messy housekeeper, but we have had times where we’d turn on the light and the kitchen looked like “Joe’s Apartment”. They have been known to startle us out of our sleep by crawling under the sheets and have intimidated us with their dive-bombing antics.

So the lack of cockroaches here has been just one of the little delights of living in The Last Best Place. I don’t have a clue as to why we don’t see them here, considering I was always under the impression that they would survive anywhere and anything, including a nuclear bomb blast. If anyone can shed some light on this, please let me know.

Hope you enjoy this 1st day of April,


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