Magical Missoula, Montana

Downtown Missoula

Before reading the following excerpt from “Magical Missoula”, try to imagine that you were once New Orleans suburbanites that had acclimated to small town life in a BIG rural state with a population of under a million people.  You have what you think is shopping convenience and too much traffic on Main St. You take a day-trip to the big city….big for Montana that is, where you see two-story buildings, stores galore, and traffic, traffic, and more traffic. 


“There were so many stores! There was Gap, Eddie Bauer, and a dark little T-shirt shop. The shop was dark, smelled musty, and had strange music playing. There was a guy I there that was the perfect image of Raymond in the movie Aquamarine. A sign in a hall said, “Clothes optional beyond this point >. At first I thought it meant something seriously naughty, but the sign pointed to the fitting room. We left the store and went into Victoria’s Secret. It was thrilling. They sold bras called Hello Bombshell that add 3-cup sizes instantly. Of course, it was 3 inches of padding. One of the highlights of Victoria’s Secret was when a scruffy, bedraggled man entered the store. He was out of place. It was too soon for us, when Mom and Dad said it was time to leave. Now the moment of judgment had come. Would Dad ruthlessly start driving home or would he find a cozy, luxurious hotel to spend the night? We crossed our fingers. What would he do?”


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