E spinning on ice

Happy Skating!

E spinning on ice

E spinning on ice in Woodland Park, Kalispell

As soon as the ice froze on Woodland Park pond, we set out to do some ice skating.  Skating is definitely my favorite winter sport.  I love gliding around on a frozen pond, and practicing my figure skating moves.

Last year was a disappointment.  Due to the bad economy, Parks and Rec. couldn’t afford to do their routine snow plowing and cleaning off of the lagoon.  We tried skating once on the pond, where someone had personally cleaned the ice.  It was fun, but we had to stay in a very small area.

Another time we skated on scenic Foy’s Lake, where we also swim in the summer.  It snowed soon afterwards, so we could no longer go there.  This year has been very different.  I’ve made up for the loss of skating last year by going practically everyday.

I remember when I first got ice skates.  I got a pair for my 8th birthday, and M recieved a pair also.  My first time on the pond was a little scary. The ice was whitish with leaves stuck in it, and a crack prevented us from skating to a small island on the north side of the pond.

Pretty soon, on Jan. 30th, I’ll be ice skating for 4 years.  Over that time, I have improved from walking and sliding on the ice, to being able to do a figure skating spin.

Happy skating!


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