Lunch in a Strawberry Patch

Hiking the Strawberry Lake Trail and Having Lunch in a Strawberry Patch


M and E hike up the Strawberry Lake trail.


Finally, we reached the alpine lake at the top of the mountain.


E on the ridge – almost to Strawberry Lake.


Mom led us to a clearing with short bushes surrounding us. It was protected from the harsh wind and it was the best place in the whole area to eat our lunch. Strawberry plants covered the ground. Guess where we were? Yes, it was Strawberry Lake.


Lunch in a strawberry patch.


The roaring winds hardly touched us as we ate our summer sausage, tuna, and crackers. Mom and Dad shared an apple, fresh from our fruit trees. Dad couldn’t seem to stay put and took pictures all around the lake.


Dad looking at the lake.


An extremely light snow fell from the sky, barely touching the ground before it melted. I borrowed Dad’s racked out mittens, the ones that flip open to expose fingertips. They are very valuable because the thumbs open too. After lunch, I snuggled up next to M, trying to keep warm.


The wind was fierce. After lunch M and E huddle to get warm.


I used Dad’s backpack as a pillow and lie there in the midst of the bushes until Mom came back from peeing in the woods. She declared that she had accidentally tinkled on her bear spray as it slipped off of her belt. We strapped on our backpacks and headed back down the trail.


We descend from Strawberry Lake.


Dad was left behind as he took pictures. Mom thought my core was cold because my lips were blue but it was my fingertips and face that were cold.


A cold, light snow fell as we hiked down the trail.


We made it down the very steep trail, passing two bow hunters on their way up.

I had reached the top and bottom first. I was tired as we rode home and instead of having my Sunkist soft drink, I saved it to make an ice cream float at home.


Happy Hiking, E

Check out this video of Dad battling the elements at Strawberry Lake.