Pick of the Crop – Getting Ready for Winter

I had a hair cut the other day and the stylist asked me if I had completed all of my winter yard preparations. “No,” I answered and thought of all of the last minute things that needed attention. 

For example, we needed to turn off the water to the outside and store the garden hose, run the lawnmower and weed-eater out of gas, and make sure we don’t leave anything around that we don’t want buried in snow.

High on the list was harvesting our crops and specifically our apples. We had been eyeing them for a couple of weeks trying to determine when to pick. When we heard that Kalispell was in for a winter-like cold snap, we decided it was time, ready or not. It’s a bumper crop this year and we have been pondering whether it was the pruning, fertilizing, or the fact that we had a cat to shoo away hungry squirrels.  Whatever the reason, we have lots of apples to eat and preserve.

One of my granddaughters who will be visiting for Thanksgiving has asked me if I will have enough apples for a pie.  It’s her favorite.  I guess I’d better get started canning some apples!

Fresh picked right off of the tree

Fresh picked right off of the tree