It’s Hot, or Not?


Our tomato plants

Since we think the dry 80 degree weather around here is really hot, Dad proved to us that we were wrong. He gave us a speech on how back in the New Orleans area of Louisiana, where we come from, it is much hotter. He told how 100 degrees here, doesn’t even compare to 80 there. Why is that, you may ask? The answer is, humidity.

Working out in the garden planting our tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, lettuce, and carrots, we were hot as heck. Dad called us inside, and led us to his bathroom. I was frightened that he would present a dead moth, M was scared of a fake guy in the shower, and Mom feared a lizard. Distrustfully, I held back, until Mom said, “Oh, you’re going to show them how the heat is.”

We walked inside, and looked at Dad’s thermometer. It was 90 degrees, with about 49% humidity. It was extremely hot, and sweat dripped from our faces. Dad explained how the humidity is much higher back in Louisiana. That seemed extremely unbearable, to us.

We stepped out of the bathroom, and felt the cool relief of our always chilled basement. Getting back to the gardening, the once hot weather seemed pleasant. But after more working in the sun, we soon felt the heat again. Just think about what it must be like planting a garden in Louisiana!

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