It’s Ice Fishing Time!

I must admit the thought of drilling a hole into a frozen lake and waiting to catch a bunch of little perch didn’t appeal to me until he started coming home with some nice sized Northern Pike. Unlike perch which I think aren’t worth cleaning, the pike are large enough to fillet and make a decent meal.


After a mild fall with pray for snow parties and delayed openings of ski resorts, winter blew in like a lion with snow and sub-zero temperatures. Old growth forest saw damage as violent winds uprooted trees from dry ground and others broke in half as water froze inside their trunks . The Arctic Express didn’t stop Grandpa Davey, though, from his new hobby of ice fishing. After a summer of lazy river bank fishing he’s taking to the ice.

M ice fishing.

Frigid temperatures didn’t stop us yesterday, as the girls and I got our first taste of ice fishing. It was a simply beautiful winter day with sunny, blue skies shining on a blanket of white. We were all bundled up for the cold, so when a little chill set in, a brisk walk to get the blood moving usually did the trick for warming up. Drilling those holes are tougher than it looks but the thrill of the catch makes it worth it. We stayed out for a little over an hour and caught 2 fish which are still outside frozen and waiting to be cleaned.

Ever been ice fishing? We’re newbies, and we’d love to hear about some of your tips and tricks.

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