The Berries of the Mountain Ash

Snow-kissed red berries of the mountain ash make for a visually stunning snowy scene in winter.

The Mountain Ash tree is not an Ash but actually part of the rose family or Rosaceae. The leaves resemble Ash, hence the name. The berries are red-orange to red and have the appearance of very tiny apples. They are quite a treat for fruit loving birds. It is believed that the berries and bark have medicinal qualities and that the berries make a delicious jelly, although somewhat bitter.

For me, I just like the way they liven up the landscape and give a showy splash of autumn color on mountain trails. But the most exciting thing is when each winter, numbers of Bohemian Waxwing swoop down out of the sky to visit our yard for their delectable berries.

Berries of the Mountain Ash


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