Kish Kish In a Cup

My adopted grandmommy’s daddy used to eat cush-cush. It’s a concoction he would make by crumbling stale cornbread into a tall glass. He would then pour milk over the top of the bread. When it was good and soggy, he would eat it with a spoon.

But I’m not talking about cush-cush, I am talking about Kish Kish.

Kitty’s kittens are still the center of attention around here. And they think they are so cute! They are always posing for pictures.

In my opinion, I think Kish Kish looks a little silly sitting in a smiley cup. When have you ever seen a self-respecting cat sit in a cup? I am so embarrassed, I can hardly stand it.


Kish Kish in a cup


And just look at Despurreaux hamming it up by the straw.  At least he doesn’t have a bow in his hair.




Kitty had her picture taken against her wishes. At least she is mature enough to scowl at the camera. I can respect that.




That’s all I have to meow about for now.



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