Labor Day Poem

This is one of those perfect Montana days, late in summer when warm sunshine lifts our soul as the spirit of autumn surrounds us.

Shorter days and cooler nights,
Soon the lovely birds take flight.
One last picnic to end it all.
Before you know it,
It will be fall.
Green and heat,
Mosquitoes and Deet,
Soon I’ll have to warm my feet.
Flower blooms began to fade,
Hot chocolate replaces lemonade.
Chilly breezes touch my cheek
School routine begins next week.
Summertime is fading away,
Monday will be Labor Day.
Who could complain on a day like this?  Not a cloud in the sky.
The last of E’s petunias.
Berries of the Mountain Ash remind us that Autumn is near.


Have a Happy Labor Day!

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